Leadership for Results in Progress

Senior Personnel in the Sierra Leone Public Sector have been urged to promote the modern ways of doing business to ensure effective service delivery.

The challenge for achieving this, the State House Chief of Staff told Directors General, Permanent Secretaries and Professional Heads at a workshop in Freetown, lies in ensuring that leadership for Results is weaved in the service delivery process in the country.

Dr. Richard Konteh, stressed the need for a good working relationship between the various Actors to achieve positive change in service delivery by public agencies.

“For us to achieve the required results there should be mutual understanding and collaboration among workers to learn from each other”, he aised.

The Chief of Staff cited President Koroma’s observation that the problem of this country has to do with the mindset of the people, not human capacity or resources.

The World Bank Representative, Ato-Brown commended Government’s all round efforts, observing that negative mindsets are likely to undermine development in the country.

The Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service, who chaired the opening session of the Workshop, Dr. Surrur,stressed the need for positive action to facilitate the development process.

The Performance Management and Service Delivery Directorate at State House is managing the Contract Management and Performance Contracting, as well as the on-going Workshops processes.

The workshops organized by the Government, through the office of the Chief of Staff, in collaboration with the World Bank and Commonwealth Secretariat, are being held for various categories of public Officials, on Leadership for Results, to strengthen Accountability, Transparency and effectiveness in Service Delivery in all sectors of national life.

Source : Sierra Leone Government

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