Monthly Archives: September 2013

Nigerian Remanded Bogus Citizenship Claim

[Concord]A Nigerian, Igwe Joseph Tochukwu was last week remanded at the maximum security prison on Pademba Road by Magistrate Tonia Barnett of the Freetown Magistrates' court No.2 for allegedly representing to be a Sierra Leonean.

Coalition Issues 21 Days Ultimatum to London Mining

[Concord]A coalition of civil society organizations last week issued a twenty-one days ultimatum to London mining to terminate the haulage contract which it had awarded to Bollore African Logistics.

Immigration to Soon Go Biometric

[Concord]The Chief Immigration Officer last Friday informed Members of Parliament that the institution was on the verge of introducing a biometric system in the process of issuing passportsto nationals within and out of the country.

ACC Embarks On Two-Week Impact Assessment of Free Healthcare Initiative

[Concord]The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) last week embarked on a two-week tour of the northern and southern provinces on a fact finding impact assessment of the implementation of Free Healthcare initiative in both provinces, said the Director of O...

MPs Tell Drugs Agency Head to Mend Fences With Other State Actors

[Concord]The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLA) has operated with little funds, no staff and vehicle for almost ten years after its establishment by an Act of Parliament, according to the Executive Director, SIM Turay.

Youths Clean Tombo Fish Landing Sites

[Concord]With support from the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and the West African Regional Fisheries Program (WARFP), youths of Tombo community in the Western Rural District Friday cleaned both the old and new fish landing sites in the area.