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UN Standing Police Capacity: 10 years of rapid assistance to peace operations

Ten years on, the United Nations Standing Police Capacity (SPC) continues to bolster peacekeeping operations by providing immediate start-up capability and strengthening police components with timely support, advice and assistance.

The Standing Police Capacity [SPC] is a vital tool of

UN Standing Police Capacity: 10 years on the job

From preparing for the Pope's visit to the Central African Republic to assisting Sierra Leone in conducting elections, the UN's Standing Police Capacity wears many hats.SPC, as it is known, is tasked with rapidly deploying police experts to UN peacekee...

South Africa: DA Announces Parliamentary and Criminal Action Against State Capture

The fact that the ANC National Executive Committee chose to keep Jacob Zuma in power as President of South Africa last night is a serious crime against the people of South Africa.This once again illustrates that the ANC cannot self-correct.

South African Ruling Party Debates Fate of President

JOHANNESBURG � Ruling party critics of South African President Jacob Zuma pushed for his resignation on Sunday amid concern about alleged corruption at the highest levels of the government, but the president still retained significant support within the divided party.


Al-Shabab Stones Man to Death in Somalia

A 44-year-old man has been stoned to death by the al-Shabab militant group in Rama Addey town in southern Somalia's Bay region, reports say.The al-Shabab militant group on its official website said the man was convicted for adultery in Ufurow

UN chief urges G7 countries to invest in Africa

Leaders of the world's major industrialized nations have been urged by the UN Secretary-General to help foster inclusive, innovation-driven growth and development in Africa.Antonio Guterres was speaking at the summit of the Group of 7 countries taking ...