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XCMG achève un projet de caves à eau en Éthiopie, fournissant de l’eau potable à 4 000 habitants locaux

BAHER DAR, Éthiopie, le 9 juin 2017 /PRNewswire/ — XCMG a organisé une cérémonie d’achèvement à Amhara, en Éthiopie, pour célébrer la construction réussie de 41 caves à eau, qui fourniront un accès à de l’eau potable et à de l’eau d’irrigation à plus

XCMG Completes Water Cellar Project in Ethiopia, Bringing Clean Water to 4,000 Local People

BAHIR DAR, Ethiopia, June 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — XCMG has held a completion ceremony in Amhara, Ethiopia to celebrate the successful construction of 41 water cellars that will provide access to clean drinking and irrigation water for 4,000 people. Over

Conflict and drought deepen food insecurity in Africa, Middle East – UN agency

Protracted fighting and unrest are swelling the ranks of displaced and hungry ins some parts of the world, even as large agricultural harvests in some regions are buoying global food supply conditions, according to a new report by the

Food insecurity strains deepen amid civil conflict and drought

Rome--Large agricultural harvests in some regions of the world are buoying global food supply conditions, but protracted fighting and unrest are increasing the ranks of the displaced and hungry elsewhere, according to the new edition of FAO's Crop Pros...