Daily Archives: March 28, 2018

XCMG Delivers Order of 70 Articulated Dump Trucks Worth USD 31.63 Million

XUZHOU, China, March 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — XCMG, the world’s leading construction machinery manufacturer, has delivered 70 units of its XDA40 articulated dump truck to customers in Central Asia and South Africa, completing an export order that is worth 200

US Military: Al-Qaida Leader Killed in Libya Attack

A high-ranking al-Qaida official was one of two terrorists killed in a joint U.S.-Libyan airstrike Saturday in southwestern Libya.U.S officials had previously acknowledged the strike, near the town of Ubari, but had said only that two terrorists were k...

Kenyan Opposition Lawyer Detained at Airport on Arrival

A Kenyan opposition leader remains detained at Nairobi airport, barred from entering the country despite a judge's order that authorities allow him to appear before the High Court Wednesday. The standoff has called into question the public reconciliati...