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Nigeria Targets 26M People in Yellow Fever Campaign

ABUJA A vaccination center in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, is swarming with people, a sign that Nigeria's campaign to vaccinate more people against yellow fever appears to be making headway.As part of the effort, Nigeria's government partnered with the Wo...

Chaos, Anger, Confusion Mar DR Congo’s Long Awaited National Poll

JOHANNESBURG Officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo counted millions of votes Monday, the day after an election marred by massive irregularities, including alleged errors in the voter roll, technical problems and delayed or missing polling mater...


GENEVA, The World Health Organization warned that growing unrest in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo was disrupting efforts to rein in an Ebola outbreak, threatening gains made in fighting the deadly virus.The security situation in the Ebola-hit Be...


TUNIS, The Tunisian coastguard on Sunday rescued 45 migrants near the Kerkennah Islands off the country's eastern coast, the National Guard said.The migrants, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa, were found "in good health" after their boat broke down near ...

French, Niger Troops Kill Islamist Insurgents in Joint Operation

PARIS French and Nigerien troops killed around 15 Islamist militants in a joint air and ground operation in south west Niger on Dec. 27, France's armed forces and Defense Ministry said on Sunday.The air raid and ground assault

Problems Mar Long-Awaited Election Day in DRC

JOHANNESBURG Millions of citizens in the Democratic Republic of Congo voted Sunday in a contentious, chaotic national election that has been repeatedly delayed and marred with glitches and allegations of rigging. While voting day, too, was marked by

Former Nigerian President Shehu Shagari Dies at 93

LAGOS Shehu Shagari, Nigeria's second president, whose civilian tenure was sandwiched between two military rulers in an era rocked by coups, has died. He was 93.Nigeria's current President Muhammadu Buhari, who unseated Shagari 35 years ago, said on

Congo on Sunday Faces a Troubled, Long-delayed Election

KINSHASA Congo's presidential election takes place on Sunday after more than two years of delays. Protests , an opposition outcry and the surprise barring of 1 million voters from the polls over an Ebola outbreak marked the final