2019 : Elections – Notice to all South African Citizens in Japan

South African citizens in Japan are hereby informed that voter registration will be opened at the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa during Consular Hours (Mondays � 10:00 � 12:30, Wednesdays � 10:00 � 12:30, and Thursdays � 10:00 � 12:30) with effect from Monday, 16thof April 2018 until the proclamation of the NPE 2019.

South African citizens who are already registered as voters in South Africa are not required to register at the South African Embassy.

However, in order to be eligible to vote abroad, the voter will have to inform the Chief Electoral Officer via the completion of a VEC10 form of their intention to vote outside of the country. This can be done online and will be available on the website atwww.elections.org.za for a 15-day period from the date that the NPE 2019 election is proclaimed.

Requirements for Registration

The following are needed for the voter to register abroad and should be presented at the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa in order to complete the voter registration:

-An ID document or Smart ID card or Valid Temporary ID -Certificate (TIC);

-A valid passport;

-Apply to register in person at the Embassy; and

-Applicant to complete a REC1/OC form (Attached)

Source: The South African Embassy in Japan