Daily Archives: August 5, 2019

Whereabouts of 100s Unknown After Cameroon Prison Riot

Hundreds of people marched in Cameroon's capital, demanding to know the whereabouts of imprisoned relatives who were moved to unknown locations last week after a riot inside a large Yaounde jail."We simply want the government to let us know where

Uganda Starts Largest-Ever Ebola Vaccine Trial

Uganda has started its largest Ebola vaccine trial to date, health authorities announced Monday, in an apparent effort to prevent the disease from spreading. An epidemic across the border in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo has killed over 1,80...

Ugandan Activist Sentenced for Vulgar Poem About President

In a cacophonous sentencing filled with profanity and nudity, a Ugandan court has found activist Stella Nyanzi guilty of cyber harassment for posting a poem on Facebook that harshly criticized President Yoweri Museveni.Nyanzi was sentenced Friday to 18...

Sudanese Cautiously Cheer Power-Sharing Deal

Sudan's Transitional Military Council and opposition coalition finalized a power-sharing agreement Sunday that aims to stabilize the country for the first time since the military ousted Omar al-Bashir in April after months of mass demonstrations. The f...

Hopes Fade as South Africa’s Unemployment Hits Record High

Lucky Nonyane is a qualified plumber and building inspector with two decades of experience. At one time, he said, he earned a good enough living to buy a car and to help out his now-grown children.But times have changed, and