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Un centre informatique offert par Hengtong Aberdare a été lancé à Siqongweni

SUZHOU, Chine, 13 août 2019 /PRNewswire/ — M. Kwazi Mshengu, MEC pour l’éducation du KwaZulu-Natal, lance officiellement, le 8 août, un centre informatique de pointe au lycée de Siqongweni, dans la municipalité d’Imbali, à Pietermaritzburg. Les provisions, données par Hengtong Group

French Troops in Mali Anti-Jihadist Campaign Mired in Mud, Mistrust

The French soldiers seeking out jihadists in central Mali's savannahs were prepared for the sandstorms, the thunderstorms, the lack of anything resembling a road, and the need to tow vehicles whose wheels kept getting stuck in floodplains.They knew get...

2 Ebola Patients in Congo ‘Cured’ with Drugs, Say Doctors

Two Ebola patients who were treated with new drugs in the city of Goma in eastern Congo have been declared cured and returned to their home.Top doctors fighting Ebola quickly used the case on Tuesday to press the message that

Cameroon Journalists Threatened by Government

Cameroon has threatened all journalists who it says are refusing to be patriotic, after TV reporter Samuel Wazizi was arrested for allegedly supporting separatist fighters in Cameroon's English-speaking north, west, and southwest regions. The journalis...