Daily Archives: September 1, 2019

New Tool to Quell Violence in Ethiopian Refugee Camps: Podcasts

BOKOLOMAYO, ETHIOPIA - A team of researchers and humanitarian professionals have developed a unique approach to combat domestic violence in the refugee camps of Dollo Ado in Ethiopia.The approach involves the co-creation of a podcast series called Unit...

Digital Taxation Troubles Tech Businesses in African Countries

NAIROBI, KENYA - More and more African countries are taxing digital platforms and mobile money transfers to fund economic development.Nigeria is the latest country to join the trend, with a new 5% tax on items bought online. It wants

Environment, Poverty, Corruption on Agenda for Pope’s Africa Trip

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis leaves on Wednesday for Africa, where poverty, the environment, foreign exploitation of resources and corruption are expected to be high on his agenda as he visits the continent where Catholicism is growing fast.He will spen...

Surfer Launches Dakar’s First Zero-Waste Restaurant

DAKAR, SENEGAL - Plastic bags, bottles, cigarette butts and other debris lap against the shore of Virage Beach in northwest Dakar, Senegal. Workers from beachside restaurants and surf shops rake the sand to try to capture the waste, but the