Daily Archives: March 17, 2020

TECNO Mobile apporte en Afrique le premier appareil photo 64 MP pour smartphone de Sony

HONG KONG, 17 mars 2020  /PRNewswire/ — TECNO Mobile (www.TECNO-mobile.com), marque mondiale de premier plan de téléphones portables, modifie une fois de plus le monde des appareils photo des smartphones dans les marchés émergents avec le lancement prochain de sa série de

Chad to Repay $100M Debt to Angola With Cattle

WASHINGTON - Angola has agreed to receive 75,000 cattle from Chad as payment of a $100 million debt from the cash-poor north central African country. The cattle will be delivered over the next 10 years as repayment for

In Europe, Coronavirus Spread Creates Border Chaos, Choked Supply Lines

BERLIN - Strict new controls to slow the spread of the coronavirus froze traffic at global borders Tuesday, idling trucks in columns more than 30 miles long at some European crossings, while masked security officers turned back travelers at others.The

Mystery Illness Kills Ethiopian Nomads

More than 2,000 nomads in Ethiopia’s Somali region have died since 2014 after falling ill from a mysterious disease that caused bleeding from their mouths and noses.Other reported symptoms include swollen limbs and green or yellow eyes.The affected peo...