Daily Archives: March 23, 2020

South African Houses of Worship Find Creative Ways to Address COVID Threat

As South Africa’s government tries to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, houses of worship have been particularly impacted by guidelines to limit gatherings to fewer than 100 people. But they are finding ways to reach their flocks as

COVID-19 Spread Provokes Anti-Foreigner, Anti-Diaspora Sentiment in Cameroon

Officials in Cameroon are calling on citizens to stop attacks on foreigners and visitors from the diaspora who are being blamed for an increase in coronavirus cases.  The attacks began after some passengers on an Air France flight that landed in Cameroon last week ignored

Rights Group Condemns Internet Shutdown in Ethiopia, Points to Threats of Coronavirus Spread

Millions of Ethiopians in western Oromia are cut off from phone and internet access due to a government-imposed shutdown, according to the advocacy group Human Rights Watch. The lack of information is particularly important as Ethiopians seek vital news about the global spread

6 Chinese, 2 Ugandans Accused of Evading COVID Quarantine in Uganda

Ugandan authorities have charged six Chinese nationals and two Ugandans with conducting acts likely to spread disease after they allegedly violated a coronavirus quarantine order.  The eight men were arrested at a border crossing Sunday as the Chinese nationals allegedly tried to enter the Democratic Republic of Congo.  They  face