Daily Archives: March 26, 2020

Worshippers in Ethiopia Defy Ban on Large Gatherings Despite Coronavirus

Health experts in Ethiopia are raising concern, as some religious leaders continue to host large gatherings despite government orders not to do so in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Earlier this week, Ethiopia’s government ordered security forces to enforce

Malawi Orders Political Opposition to Halt Coronavirus Education Campaigns

Malawi has ordered opposition political parties to halt coronavirus awareness campaigns, calling the efforts a politicization of the pandemic.  While Malawi has yet to confirm a case of the virus, President Peter Mutharika last week declared COVID-19 a national disaster

Zimbabwe Doctors, Nurses Down Tools Over COVID-19 PPEs

Doctors and nurses in Zimbabwe’s public hospitals have gone on strike and are vowing not to return until the government gives them personal protective equipment so they can safely treat suspected coronavirus patients. Public health specialists warn that without action