September 12, 2022

UN Chief calls for solidarity in South-South Cooperation

At a time of unprecedented challenges and upheaval, “solutions lie in solidarity,” United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a message commemorating the United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation.   “South-South and triangular cooperation are critical for developing countries to mitigate and adapt to climate disruption, address the global health crisis, including COVID-19 recovery, and achieve all 17 Sustainable Development Goals,” said the top UN official.   The UN chief stressed the importance of Southern-led development solutions being shared “far and wide.”   “South-South and triangular cooperation must play an ever-increasing role in resolving our common challenges,” he said.  

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UN: 50 million people stuck in ‘modern slavery’ – in forced labour, forced marriage

Fifty million people around the world are trapped in forced labour or forced marriage, the UN said, warning that their ranks had swelled dramatically in recent years.   The United Nations had set a goal to eradicate all forms of modern slavery by 2030, but instead the number of people caught up in forced labour or forced marriage ballooned by 10 million between 2016 and 2021, according to a new report.   The study, by the UN’s agencies for labour and migration along with the Walk Free Foundation, found that at the end of last year, 28 million people were

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Somali Military Says Offensive Retakes 20 Villages from Militants

Somalia’s military says an offensive in the central Hiran region has captured 20 villages that were occupied by the Islamist militant group al-Shabab. A Somali National Army commander, Captain Mohamed Ibrahim Daud, told VOA by phone Monday that army troops backed by armed locals have killed more than 100 al-Shabab fighters and also “liberated” 20 villages from the al-Qaida-affiliated group. He said the retaken villages include several key locations in Hiran region, including the small town of Fidow near Somalia’s border with Ethiopia. Daud said troops captured another 20 militants alive. He acknowledged that the army received air support during

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Mecobit Mining Rigs Announces the Biggest Hash-Rate in the Market

LONDON, Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MECO Limited (Mecobit), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar modules and complete solutions, recently launched new products Solar Unit M4000, Solar Panel Kit (complete), Portable Power Station, M100 Miner, M200 Miner, Meco Rack, which has attracted wide attention in the industry. The result of five years […]

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Woolpert réunit des entreprises et des ressources géospatiales et forme Woolpert Africa

Woolpert Africa regroupe les services de cartographie, d’arpentage et de données de Woolpert, Southern Mapping et AAM. JOHANNESBOURG, 12 septembre 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Woolpert a rassemblé le personnel, les ressources et l’expérience locale de ses deux sociétés géospatiales en Afrique, Southern Mapping Company et AAM, pour former Woolpert Africa. L’équipe assurera la collecte, le traitement et la gestion […]

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Woolpert Aligns Geospatial Companies and Resources to Form Woolpert Africa

oolpert Africa combines the mapping, surveying and data services of Woolpert, Southern Mapping and AAM. JOHANNESBURG, Sept. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Woolpert has integrated the staff, resources and local experience of its two geospatial companies in Africa, Southern Mapping Company and AAM, to form Woolpert Africa. The team will provide geospatial data collection, processing and management […]

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