About Us

The Sierra Leone Press covers every sector’s news from the country and from other countries of the African region. That does not mean that we stick to the only African world when it comes to publishing news. The ultimate goal of our news website is to bring the African world in the limelight and compel world superpowers to address the issues faced by this region. We do it through highlighting the issues of every sector of Sierra Leone and of other countries of the African region. The news, which is published on our news website, does not contain any hidden agenda and we make sure that it does not harm our credibility, on which we cannot compromise as we are known internationally.

The reason behind taking us as the trustworthy source of publishing news related to the African world by the readers of other regions is our clear policy of saying “No” to unverified news. As any news website sticks to the basic teachings of the journalism, then it helps the news website only to get hands on authentic news, which is the need in order to maintain the credibility of the website.

When it comes to introduce local businesses to the unexplored markets of other regions, our website is ranked number one in this regard by the owners of different businesses of the African region, which aim to approach the unexplored markets of other regions. The benefits of publishing the press releases on our websites are many, but there are two prominent ones, one is to attract new customers and another one is to witness the higher amount of the traffic on the website. That is why many businesses are availing Sierraleone Press Release services constantly.


Interaction with regular readers, is the strategy that defines the success of any news website, because we believe that journalism is all about letting the common people to come up with their points of views about different sorts of news after all they are the ones, which get affected most by them. That is one of the reasons, we are very much visible on different social media websites, and encourage our readers to feel free to give feedbacks regarding the news which are published on our website. As like other fields, journalism has also been influenced by the latest technologies, which has also changed the methods of working in the field of journalism, and we are aware of that that is why we have gone a step ahead and have come up with services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds, in order to let our readers avoid buying newspaper to come to know about happenings around them.