Cameroon: Bepanda, Douala – Thieves Rob Microfinance House

By Yaboa Ndula Munteh And Christopher Jator

Three unidentified armed men on February 26, 2016, made away with 1.7 million FCFA from a microfinance institution in Bepanda, Douala, in an area known as Boulangerie de la Paix. According to the police, the three hoodlums on a motor bike took advantage of the absence of the police man on guard and made their way into the microfinance house at 9 am. They held the day watch hostage before collecting the money from the two cashiers on duty. They equally snatched two mobile phones from clients and left at brakeless speed. The Judicial Police have since opened investigations into the matter.

Vallee de Bisengue: 9-Year Child Electrocuted

Little Fam Sango Youssef was playing hide and seek with his friends beside a tailor's workshop at Vallee de Bisengue, Douala, at about 4 pm on Sunday, February 28, 2016, when the tragedy occurred. As he entered the workshop to hide, he was touched by a naked cable and got electrocuted. The corpse was handed to the family for burial while the police opened investigations.

Bonamoussadi: 286 Bottles Of Champagne Confiscated

27-year-old Stephan M. is currently in custody at the 12th District Public Security Police Station in Douala for allegedly possessing Champagne of doubtful quality. At the time of his arrest on Saturday, February 27, 2016, in Bonamoussadi, Douala, he was in keeping of 286 bottles of such Champagne.

Gas Cylinder, DVD Player Stolen

Marylyn T. and her household almost remained without eating throughout the night of February 28, 2016. Her gas cylinder was disconnected from the cooker when she was preparing food. It was about 7 pm when thieves entered her home at Ngangue-Babylone, Douala, and disconnected the cylinder from the kitchen and a modern DVD player from the sitting room. The lady and her two kids, who had just left home in order to pick up some condiments from a nearby shop in the neighbourhood, only returned to meet the sad reality.

Source: All Africa

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