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3 Found Guilty of Plot to Attack Somalis in Kansas

Three men face life in prison for plotting to blow up a Garden City, Kansas, apartment complex that is home to Muslim immigrants from Somalia.A federal court convicted all three men Wednesday.The defendants in this case acted with clear premeditation

As Drought Keeps Men on the Road, Mauritania’s Pastoralist Women Take Charge

Every year when the pastoralist men in Fatima Demba's Mauritanian village return from their months-long journey to find pastures and water, the women erupt in wild celebrations."We draw henna tattoos on our bodies, we braid our hair, we wear our

South Sudan’s Refugee Flow is Often a Children’s crisis

The flood of South Sudanese refugees from the country's 5-year civil war has been called a children's crisis.More than 60 percent of the well over one million refugees who have poured into neighboring Uganda are under the age of 18,

Myanmar Military on UN Sexual Violence Blacklist

A new U.N. report for the first time puts Myanmar's armed forces on a U.N. blacklist of government and rebel groups credibly suspected of carrying out rapes and other acts of sexual violence in conflict.An advance copy of Secretary-General Antonio

Study: Popularity of Wildlife Can Harm Public’s Perception

Researchers say the love youngsters have for wildlife may be clouding the public's mind about how endangered those creatures are.The study in the journal PLOS Biology lists what the authors say are the world's 10 most charismatic animals: tigers, lions...

Press Statement by Heather Nauert, Department Spokesperson: Presidential Proclamation Lifts Travel Restrictions for Chad

Press Statement by Heather Nauert, Department Spokesperson: Presidential Proclamation Lifts Travel Restrictions for Chad: President Donald J. Trump announced today April 10, 2018) the lifting of travel restrictions for Chadian nationals following a ...

Bound by Blood, 2 Rwandan Families Embody Reconciliation’s Challenge, Rewards

Valens Rukiriza's mud-walled house was too dim for a journalist's on-camera interview. So, he and neighbor Silas Bihizi lugged a long wooden bench out of the tidy living area and into the dusty courtyard, one man on each end, negotiating

Fossil Human Finger from Saudi Desert is 90,000 Years Old

A fossil finger bone dating back about 90,000 years that was unearthed in Saudi Arabia's Nefud Desert is pointing to what scientists are calling a new understanding of how our species came out of Africa en route to colonizing the