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Malawi Court Uses Death Sentence to Help Stop Attacks on Albinos

A court in Malawi sentenced three people to death this week for killing an albino person. They had been found guilty of a gruesome murder in which they removed the victim's limbs for use in a so-called magic ritual.

French Troops in Mali Anti-Jihadist Campaign Mired in Mud, Mistrust

The French soldiers seeking out jihadists in central Mali's savannahs were prepared for the sandstorms, the thunderstorms, the lack of anything resembling a road, and the need to tow vehicles whose wheels kept getting stuck in floodplains.They knew get...

UN: Malians Need Protection as Country Descends into Chaos

The U.N. refugee agency is urging countries to provide international protection and asylum to people fleeing the increasingly chaotic conditions in Mali.The country's 2015 peace and reconciliation agreement has all but collapsed as several rebel groups...

US, Britain Voice Concern in Case of Imprisoned Tanzanian Journalist

Britain and the United States are asking Tanzania to uphold the rights of all its citizens after a journalist was arrested on charges his lawyer and rights groups say are politically motivated. Concerns were raised about the case of freelance

Top Court Hears Malawi Presidential Election Result Challenge

Malawi's top court on Thursday began hearing an opposition application to overturn the results of the presidential elections held three months ago, over alleged election irregularities.The hearing comes after the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), the larges...

Water Bankruptcy Looms for One in Four People Worldwide, Researchers Warn

A quarter of the world's people are just a few dry spells away from facing dangerous water shortages, a U.S. think tank warned on Tuesday, with India home to the bulk at risk of running dry.Seventeen countries face "extremely high