Chief of Staff Visits Addax Bioenergy


The Chief of Staff in the Office of the President Mr. Saidu Conton Sesay Saturday made a conducted tour of the ADDAX Bioenergy site a few miles off the highway to Makeni to monitor and assess the activities and processes of the ethanol production company.

Mr. Sesay expressed delight over the existing trust between the community and the company, localization of their staff and to some extent the compensation packages given to the various towns and villages within their area of operations.

Looking at the wide-ranging operations of the company, the Chief of Staff acknowledged the huge investment made so far, adding that the continued strengthening of community relations is something generations will benefit from.

The General Manager of ADDAX BIOENERGY Mr. Trevor Endres said the production of ethanol and power generation project, the use of palm kernel will immensely help to meet the country’s power delivery capacity.

Mr. Endres noted the importance of capacity building of their staff saying that over 100 trainees are being trained from lowest to highest levels, including engineers and technical people, and added that highly skilled Sierra Leoneans are encouraged to come home. He informed that at the moment, the company has 140 expatriates of which he promised to reduce to more than half by next year.

Giving an update on the Ebola crisis, Mr. Endres stated that in as much as the country is going through the Ebola crisis, he registered his commitment to stand by the people of Sierra Leone to jointly eradicate the virus.

He continued that the company has been very supportive in the construction of the one hundred bed facility at Magbenteh treatment centre amounting to Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($300,000) and brought in six expatriate nurses trained in infection and Ebola control procedures and made huge contributions in the provision of personal protective equipment (PPEs), three vehicles, two motor cycles, gloves, face masks and the installation of over three hundred chlorine wash stations across the estate.

The senior community liaison officer Mrs. Fatmata Forna said that there are mitigation programmes targeting each village and also work with Farmer Development Organizations that support food diversification programmes that promotes the production of other vegetable crops such as carrot and cabbage that are not grown in those communities.

The newly appointed Presidential Aisor on Renewable Energy Mr. Henry Patrick Serry was also part of the meeting. Mr. Serry also expressed the need to include the use of palm kernel, cane grass among others for power generation and underscored the need to focus attention on renewable energy.

The Chief of Staff was taken on a conducted tour of nearby pump stations, the reservoir, and the factory.

Source : Government of Sierra Leone

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