Dietary Supplement SeroVital�-hgh Rivals Big Pharma at Reproductive Medicine Conference

Amidst all the huge displays, loudspeaker presentations, and outrageous giveaways by Big Pharma booths at the prestigious American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Expo, one comparatively modest display in the exhibition hall attracted a huge crowd where all the action was. The display was for an oral growth hormone booster called SeroVital-hgh. And because human growth hormone (hGH) is constantly in the news thanks to its association with reducing wrinkles, tightening saggy skin, decreasing body fat, increasing lean muscle mass, strengthening bones, and boosting mood - while giving you plenty of energy and improving sex drive - it drew a lot of attention at the expo.

"Frankly, we've been overwhelmed by the interest," says Dr. Amy Heaton, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer for Sierra Research Group, LLC. "While SeroVital-hgh has been on the dietary supplement market for years as an 'anti-aging' solution, we didn't expect so many attendees at the expo to be familiar with the product. We were excited to discuss our recent paper, 'The Role of Growth Hormone in Female Fertility and Case Reports of Augmented Fertility with SeroVital,' and discuss our continued and future research plans on the SeroVital compound."

SeroVital began making waves in the research world when the results of the double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on its highly specialized, patented, key compound were presented for the first time at The Obesity Society's Annual Scientific Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. At this exclusive conference, a group of some of the most renowned research scientists in the world revealed that this oral compound was actually capable of increasing mean growth hormone levels... by an astounding 682%.

Since then, SeroVital has been presented at scientific conferences around the world. Everyone from soccer moms to athletes to medical professionals has taken an interest in SeroVital because of its ability to boost hGH levels naturally, without controversial, synthetic injections.

That's what makes SeroVital so revolutionary. "Rather than introducing synthetic hGH into the body like the injections do," says Dr. Heaton, "SeroVital raises the body's own, natural levels of human growth hormone by promoting pituitary health, the gland that manufactures hGH."

SeroVital's ability to boost hGH levels naturally may explain why attendee interest in its presence at the ASRM conference rivaled Big Pharma: As more and more research is done on the connection between human growth hormone and fertility, patients are asking about hGH injections. However, many doctors discourage the use hGH injections because they fear introducing the synthetic form into the body may upset the natural production of hGH. Plus, many women are reticent to use something synthetic and are seeking a solution that can give them more youthful hGH levels naturally.

It's no wonder conference attendees were so eager to learn more about SeroVital-hgh. Backed by four clinical studies and protected by not one but thirteen United States patents, SeroVital has more than earned its stellar reputation.

Despite all the research behind SeroVital-hgh, and the thirteen United States Patents, some skeptics are saying it sounds too good to be true. So is there a catch? Well, there are three. First, as with hGH injections, SeroVital is not a "magic bullet" but one part of a healthy lifestyle choice including a sensible diet and exercise regimen.

Second, for proper absorption, you have to take SeroVital on an empty stomach. That means you either have to take it first thing in the morning and then not eat anything for two hours, or take it at night, at least two hours after your last meal... before you go to bed.

And last but not least, while SeroVital is far less expensive than prescription hGH injections, it's still not cheap... SeroVital will cost you about $100 a month. But is it worth it? To most people, anything that may reduce wrinkles, tighten saggy skin, decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, strengthen bones, and boost mood, while giving you plenty of energy and improving sex drive, is a no-brainer. However, make no mistake about it, the "established" medical community (and of course they know everything) would say its benefits are largely anecdotal, and based on research that's preliminary. But there's no denying that something that has a chance of making you look and feel decades, not years, but DECADES younger, is... at the very least... irresistible.

"And that's why we continue to engage in research to further validate the potential of the SeroVital formula," says Dr. Heaton.

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Source: SeroVital.

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