Foreign Minister Woes UK Politicians


Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. Samura Kamara, is currently in the United Kingdom to woe UK politicians that the country is now open for business and to re-established international business links as the nation heads towards zero infection rate of the deadly Ebola virus which has killed no fewer than 3,000 victims nationwide.

Speaking to the BBC on Tuesday, Dr. Kamara disclosed that he had held discussions with the Liberal Democrat International Development Minister, Baroness Northover, and Labour candidate for mayor of London, David Lammy on issues relating to the resumption of British Airways flights to the country as the moratorium on direct flights to the UK was hurting the nation’s exports and causing serious constrains to private investors.

The Foreign Affairs minister also held discussions on new investments opportunities for the country’s post Ebola period, including building electricity grids, hotels and roads, as well as in energy and banking.

He said: “Reopening flight route would not only be the right thing to do, it would also emphasise Britain’s links with the country which in turn could prove a commercially lucrative decision.”

Accompanying the minister was Presidential Aiser, Professor Monty Jones, who also called on private investors to resume business with the country.

In their response to the Sierra Leonean delegation, both UK politicians promised to discuss the resumption of direct flight to Freetown with their government very soon.

Labour London mayoral aspirant David Lammy said many British investors are now encouraged by efforts of the Ernest Bai Koroma-led government in the fight against the Ebola outbreak, and would lobby for British Airways to resume weekly flights to Freetown soon.

Source : Concord Times