Getting it together: Extra-regional migration in South, Central and North America and the need for more coordinated responses


This study aims to provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis of mixed migration movements from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean across South, Central and North America — often referred to in the region as “extra-regional migration flows”. Through a combination of key informant interviews and desk research, this report offers information on: the profiles of extra-regional people on the move; the extent of their access to adequate information before and during their journey; the migration routes and means they use; the smuggling economies and dynamics connected to these movements; the impacts of COVID-19 on migration trends and on the experience of people on the move along this route; the risks and needs that extra-regional refugees and migrants face; the humanitarian response they can rely on; the national and regional migration policies and legal frameworks that apply to these migration flows; and the changes they are likely to undergo in the near future.

In recent years, the journey of extra-regional refugees and migrants across the Americas has started to attract more attention. While there is some literature on their profiles and routes, it does not allow for a comprehensive understanding of these mixed migration movements. The analysis included in this report aims to complement existing knowledge and understanding of extra-regional migration and to contribute to better responses by authorities and humanitarian actors.

Source: Mixed Migration Centre