Labour Congress, Ibis Boost Ebola Fight

As part of continued efforts by Sierra Leonean institutions to boost the national fight against Ebola, the Sierra Leone Labour Congress donated the sum of Le.20 million (Twenty Million Leones) to President Koroma at State House.

President Koroma acknowledged the efforts of the Congress and further called on the organization to continue rallying around the entire membership by sensitizing them on the precautions of the Ebola Disease. He said because the organization is the umbrella body of all the workers in the country, it is believed that their efforts will reach all corners of the country. He further sympathized with the Labour Congress for the loss of front line soldiers (health workers), who are also members of the organization.

President Koroma commended the efforts of the contributors and further stated that the Ebola fight requires the efforts of all citizens. The donations, he said, will strengthen the efforts of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to eradicate the disease.

President of the Labour Congress, Mr. Mohammed Amadu Deen on behalf of the organization stated that the Ebola outbreak has negatively impacted on the socio-economic gains the country has registered over the years. He also added that the outbreak has posed serious challenges to business entities in the country that has consequently affected the membership of the organization.

In a similar engagement, IBIS also made a donation of Le.40 million (Forty Million Leones) as their contribution in halting the spread of the deadly Ebola virus disease.

Source : Government of Sierra Leone