Lebanese Press Review for January 9, 2016

Press headlines for January 9, 2016, are as follows:



Cabinet a way out or congestion point?

"Future" asks Hizbullah to officially determine its position



Preliminary approval from Sierra Leone... Lebanon has to do recycling

Shehayeb: Exportation the worst solution...but alternative to be devoured by trash



Cabinet to undergo "intention test" on Thursday

Mashnouk confirms continuity of presidential initiative

Franjieh in response to Raad's position: I trust Al-Sayyed's words



Lebanese Forces: Our nomination to Aoun kind of final



Iranian- Saudi conflict won't reflect on Lebanon, Cabinet's meeting is the test

American- French initiative asks Riyadh and Teheran to dissociate Lebanon, continue dialogue

Trash scandal starts to appear, each political party gets 20 million dollars



Franjieh bid on the brink as Geagea moves toward Aoun

Besieged Syrian towns poised to get aid

Iranian mass protest stoke tensions with Riyadh

Three tourists wounded in attack at Egyptian resort

Lebanon, Austria announce strengthening ties

Source: Lebanese Republic

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