Navy Man Kicks Out Sierra Leone Wife (


A Sierra Leone woman married to a Kenya Navy officer is stranded in Mtongwe, Mombasa.

Edwina Lansana, a 33-year-old mother of two, accuses senior Sergeant Peter Wesonga, service no 32260, of neglecting her and the children.

She wants him to take responsibility for the children.

Lansana says Wesonga abandoned them a few years ago after reports he was dating a neighbour at the barracks.

She said her husband has three children with the other woman.

The two are said to have met in 2001 when Wesonga served as a peacekeeper in Sierra Leone.

Lansana came to Kenya and visited Wesonga’s rural home in Mumias.

The children, aged between seven and 12, were born in Mtongwe.

Lansana says she was evicted from the navy base through a letter dated August 17 from Lieutenant Colonel Wekulo.

She was allowed to take a TV, fridge, sofa set, a bed and clothes.

Lansana told the Star she was kicked out when she went to Wesonga’s rural home and asked about the other family.

“I was warned by his parents never to step in the home again,” she said.

The Star has established Lansana’s immigration dependant’s passport, issued on June 2, has expired.

“I have no other Kenyan document. He always promised he will help me get a Kenyan ID, but in vain,” she said.

Wesonga now works in Nairobi while Lansana lives in Vijiweni with a friend.

The Star has established the couple’s falling outwas reported to Sierra Leone ambassador Abdul Karim.

When contacted, Wesonga said Lansana should call him if she has any problem.

KDF spokesperson Bogita Ongeri said he is pursuing the case and Wesonga may be summoned.