President Koroma Bags 2015 Alma Award for Excellence [press release]

Sierra Leone is one of the proud Recipients of the 2015 African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) Award for Excellence for most improved in malaria control. Towing the line of President Koroma’s leadership are Burundi, Central Africa Republic, South Sudan and Togo.

President Koroma’s leadership in its efforts to championing Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, also focuses his kaleidoscope on malaria for which the country has made tremendous progress in the fight against malaria, and the World Health Organization (WHO) now predicts that by the end of 2015 malaria deaths will be reduced by 67 percent on the African continent. Spurred by the success made by Sierra Leone and other African countries, the African Union has called for the elimination of malaria by 2030. To track progress towards elimination, and motivate action that will ensure African countries meet the target, the ALMA Forum has adopted the malaria elimination agenda and launched the ALMA 2030 Africa Malaria-elimination-scorecard with optimism.


Despite the success stories in the fight against malaria, malaria still remains a serious health burden on the African continent. Concerted action is indeed necessary to sustain the gains and move made by President Koroma and his colleagues towards eliminating the scourge of malaria in our continent. ALMA is an alliance of 49 African Presidents and Prime Ministers working to end malaria case fatality, making the continent of Africa free from malaria.


We are sure to conquer malaria as we have conquered measles and other childhood illnesses in Sierra Leone. The fight to contain the Ebola Virus Disease in our country has made the President not to smile at the malaria success story ALMA Award Trophy because people still do not want to cooperate to his clarion call -“Take the necessary precautionary measures, refrain from denial and negative traditional and cultural practices on washing and burial of dead bodies, harbouring the sick, and avoid body contact in simple term”. “No amount of global or international aid will save us from the Ebola crisis if we collectively refuse to fight the disease as a nation”, the words of our development oriented action President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma must be articulated if we are to beat Ebola.

Bravo! President Koroma, the Ministry of Health and Sanitation National Malaria Control Programme, and the people of Sierra Leone. Together we will win the Sierra Leone- Free- from Ebola Award.

Source : Government of Sierra Leone

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