President Koroma Visits Burial Command Centre

President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma on Monday 20th October made a spot visit at the Ebola Burial Command Centre at the British Council Hall in Freetown.

The command centre was set up for the overall coordination of the burial team and to have dignified burial management daily operations in Freetown. Explaining the daily incident report on the burial teams, Victoria Parkinson informed the president that Freetown is being divided into five zones.

She explained that every call appears on the screencomputers of each member in the command centre, and the information will be disseminated to the various zones.

She pointed out that the system will help to identify hotspots, the quarantining process and also disinfect homes that are Ebola related. She further stated that the centre will enhance an effective and robust collection of corpses and ensure dignified burials wherein relatives would have the chance to see the process. In this regard, President Koroma said such an outfit should be cascaded to other districts across the country to have an effective coordination of the entire process.

The Ebola contact person for the Department for International Development (DFID) Mr. Donal Brown said they were set to target both Bombali and Port Loko districts.

“With your next visit, you will see both a case management and bed management coordination teams in this room,” he vowed. Both Parkinson and Brown informed President Koroma that a referral center had been opened at Cline Town to assist with coordination and assured him of the continued improvement of the centre as times goes on.

Source : Government of Sierra Leone

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