Sierra Leone: FCC Cast Doubts Over CHRDI’s Registration

Chief Administrator of the Freetown City Council (FCC) has told Parliament that council has no evidence to prove that Abdul M. Fatoma followed the due process to register his organization with the council.

Abubakar Daramy told Parliament that they had traced all documents, but were yet to ascertain as to whether Fatoma used the correct channel to register his organization.

"I can produce evidence for other CBOs that are registered with us but I have no evidence to prove that CHRDI was registered with FCC as a community Base Organization," he said.

He stated that he had crosschecked with his former colleague Chief Administrators and that they did not admit knowledge registration of fatoma's organization.

He said one Claude Campbell who signed the registration certificate of CHRDI is the Human Resource Manager at FCC and that he hadn't the authority to sign such a document.

He added that only the Chief Administrator, his deputy and the Chief Finance Officer have the authority to sign registered certificates.

He said each certificate should be renewed yearly and that CHRDI has not renewed their registration certificate since 2011, as they claimed to have been registered with council.

"I was hoping to see the renewed certificate and not the 2011. To me it is not a legal document and it is defaulting too. There is no evidence to show that there is a relationship between CHRDI and FCC," he said.

Meanwhile, the organization in question has raised a red flag over an alleged misappropriation of Le120 billion constituency development funds by members of parliament and asked them to account.

Majority Leader of parliament, Hon. Ibrahim R. Bundu said they were neither afraid nor worried about any allegation.

"I am not worried but have every reason to respond to his allegation as leader of the house of parliament. Every other MP too has right and responsibility to maintain the dignity of parliament. It is not a personal allegation, but a national one and there is need for me to respond to it," he said.

Source: Concord Times.

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