South Africa: Cosatu Free State Takes to the Streets On a Legal Strike to Make Our Voices Heard, Enough! Is Enough!

COSATU Free State would engage in two marches to demand banning of e-tolls, safe affordable and reliable public transport and to put an end to all the barbaric acts which continue to diminish permanent and decent jobs in favour of casualised, labour brokered and indecent jobs. We demand the banning of labour brokers with immediate effect, the creation of decent jobs and an end to retrenchments. We will not tolerate the situation whereby big business continue to rake in super profits at the sweat and blood of poor workers continue to come to work and go back home hungry!

We demand the revamp of the current health care system through the immediate implementation of the National Health Insurance. On the same breath we would demand the revamp of Government employees Medical Scheme which should start with the restructuring of benefits to benefit the workers and not the administrator. Demand the in-sourcing of the administration of GEMS with immediate effect.

We will not tolerate the situation whereby communities in and around Senekal, Kroonstad and Qwaqwa continue to suffer due to unavailability of water with no clear and known plans on how the challenge would be overcome. We demand a comprehensive plan with clear timeframes on how the problems of water shortages are going to addressed and to be mitigated going forward now that climate change is upon us! We reject with contempt the continued enrichment program on the owners of water tankers who continue to rake in thousands of rands whilst there is no plan in place to provide water through the installed infrastructure!

We are in full support of the legitimate demand of the students for free tertiary education. As workers we are the suffering masses whose oxygen is held by mashonisas due to loans we have to take to finance our children in tertiary education! we therefore hereby formally support the demand for free tertiary education!

Source: Congress of South African Trade Unions.

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