South Africa: Prasa CEO Must Be Barred From Public Service

The Inkatha Freedom Party commends the firing by the PRASA Board of acting Group Chief Executive, Collins Letsoalo, after he awarded himself a 350 per cent salary hike.

IFP spokesperson on Transport, Mr KP Sithole, MP, said,"The move by the PRASA board to terminate Letsoalo is fully supported, but begs the question as to what is transpiring at board level at PRASA as their seems to be a clear disconnect between the Chairman of the Board and the board itself. The Chairman of the Board has as much to answer for as Mr Letsoalo in this matter, and we expect a full investigation into how such gross maladministration could have occurred,"

"Mr Letsoalo is no stranger to controversy and always seems to leave a trail of disaster in his wake. He appears unfit for public service and as such should not be taken back by the Department of Transport," concluded Sithole, MP.

Source: Inkatha Freedom Party

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