Springbok Trophy Tour � Eastern Cape routes for the weekend

The third and fourth legs of the Springboks' RWC Trophy Tour will take place in East London on Saturday and Port Elizabeth on Sunday, with the final leg scheduled for Cape Town on Monday. The first two legs were in Gauteng and Durban.

The actual bus trips are for filming purposes only and that no media will be allowed on the bus, however, you are free to position yourself along the route for footage.

The route plan for East London on Saturday, 9 November (all times approximate):

09h30: Parade starts at East London City Hall

Proceed along Oxford Street

Left into Park Avenue

Right onto the North West Expressway

Left into Douglas Smith Highway

Right into Windyridge Road

Right into Parkside Road

Right into Greenpoint Road

Left into Dunoon Road

Left onto Mdantsane Access Road

Right onto link road towards Woolwash Road

Left into Woolwash Road

Along Scenery Park Main Road

Left onto Mdantsane Access Road

Right into Masaule Road

Right towards Kakaza

Left into Billie Road

Along Spine Road

Left into Link Road

Right onto Voortrekker Road R102

Into Mayfair Avenue

Into Devereaux Avenue past Vincent Park Shopping Mall

Right into Old Transkei Road

Left into Galway Road

Right into John Bailie Road

Left into Link Road

End at Moore Street

Please note: Selected squad members will be available for brief interviews at the Garden Court East London, from approximately 08h00. Media are requested to be set up and ready from 07h45.

The route plan for Port Elizabeth on Sunday, 10 November (all times approximate):

09h00: Depart from Garden Court Hotel to City Hall

Turn right into Happy Valley Drive into La Roche Drive

Turn right into La Roche Drive and proceed to Beach Road

Turn left into Beach Road and continue into Humewood Road

Continue along Humewood Road into South Union Road

Continue straight into Baakens Street

Turn right into Vuyisile Mini Square

From Vuyisile Mini Square to Wolfson Stadium

Turn right into Baakens Street and proceed to Govan Mbeki Avenue

Continue along Govan Mbeki Avenue, cros Russell Road and proceed along Govan Mbeki Avenue into Commercial Road

Continue along Commercial Road and turn right into Mati Road

Turn right into Mati Road and proceed to Ferguson Road

Turn right into Ferguson Road and proceed to Mendi Road

Turn left into Mendi Road and proceed to Ngesi Road

Turn right into Ntshekisa Road and proceed to Moduka Street

Turn left into Maqanda Street and proceed to Stofile Street

Turn left Stofile Street and turn right into Wolfson Stadium main Entrance

From Wolfson Stadium to Zwide

Depart from Wolfson Stadium and proceed to Stofile Street

Turn left into Stofile Street and proceed to Matomela Street

Turn left into Matomela Street and proceed to Seyisi Street

Continue along Seyisi Street and proceed to Daku Road

Turn left into Daku Road and proceed to Njoli Square

Turn right into Njoli Road and proceed to Spondo Road

Turn right into Koyana Road and proceed towards Ndzondelelo High School

U-turn at the traffic circle at Jamela Street

From Zwide to Mandela Peace Park (Motherwell)

From Jamela Street traffic circle proceed towards Qeqe Street

Turn left into Qeqe Street and proceed to Salamntu Street

Turn right into Salamntu Street and proceed to Daku Road

Turn left into Daku Road and proceed to Dibanisa Road

Turn left into Tyinira Road and proceed to Khozi Street

Turn right into Khozi Street and right into Mandela Peace Park in Khozi Street

From Mandela Peace Park to Uitenhage

Depart from Mandela Peace Park and proceed to Khozi Street

Turn left into Khozi Street and proceed to Tyinira Road

Turn right into Tyinira Road and proceed to M20

Turn left into M20 and proceed to Daniel Pienaar Road

Continue along Daniel Pienaar Road into Thorn Street to Graaff Reinett Road

Turn left into Graaff Reinett Road and proceed to Church Street

Continue along Church Street to Cannon Street

Turn left into Cannon Street and proceed to Prince Edward Road

Continue along Prince Edward Road to Caledon Street

Turn right into Caledon Street

Continue along Caledon Street into Kamesh Road

Continue along Kamesh Road into Acacia Avenue

Continue along Acacia Avenue into Rosedale Drive

Turn right into Rosedale Drive into Maduna Road

Continue along Maduna Road into Middle Street

Turn right into Middle Street into Caledon Street

Continue along Caledon Street into Cuyler Street

Turn right into Cuyler Street to Matanzima Road

Continue along Matanzima Road to Mabandla Street

Turn right into Mabandla Street and continue along Ponana Tini Road into Matanzima Road

Turn right into Matanzima Road into Melbrookes Avenue

Turn right into Melbrookes Avenue and CROSS Algoa Road into R333

Turn right into R333 towards Main Road Despatch

Turn right into Main Road Despatch into Botha Street towards Old Uitenhage Road

From Uitenhage to Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

From Old Uitenhage Road towards Nooidgedacht Road

Turn right into Nooidgedacht Road towards Standford Road

Turn left into Standford Road and proceed into Harrower Road towards Fettes Road

Turn left into Fettes Road and left into NMB Stadium

From Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium to Greenacres

From NMB Stadium into Fettes Road

Turn right into Fettes Road into Harrower Road towards Kempstone Road

Turn left into Kempstone Road and proceed into CJ Langenhoven Drive towards Greenacres Mall

Turn left into Ring Road pass the taxi rank

Turn left into Greyville Road into Cape Road

Turn right into Cape Road towards William Moffatt Express Way

Turn left into William Moffatt Express Way towards Buffelsfontein Road

Turn left into Buffelsfontein Road into Heugh Road

Turn right into 3rd Avenue towards PE International Airport

Turn right towards PE International Airport

Please note: Selected squad members will be available for brief interviews at the Garden Court Kings Beach Hotel from approximately 08h30. Media are requested to be set up and ready from 085.

All times are subject to change.

Source: South African Rugby Union