Treasury on negotiations with CPS

National Treasury not part of negotiations with CPS

Following several media enquiries about National Treasury's participation in the negotiations with CPS for the contract for payment of grants, National Treasury wishes to clarify that, it is not part of this process. The Department of Social Development had requested National Treasury's participation however, National Treasury advised that such request cannot be favorably considered for the following reasons:

The procurement regulatory framework delegates this responsibility to the Accounting Officer of the respective department.

SASSA and the Department of Social Services have announced publicly that at some point they will approach National Treasury to regularise process underway.

In the light of the above the participation of National Treasury at this stage will amount to a conflict of interest.

National Treasury remains committed to assist when required to find solutions within the confines of the constitution and the procurement regulatory framework to ensure that the deserving beneficiaries of the grants do not suffer.

Source: Government of South Africa

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