UN and Africa: Emergency Response Funding, Somalia’s future, and a UN Volunteer from Kenya

More than two-thirds of emergency response funding

going to Africa

More than two-thirds of UN emergency response funding is still likely to go to alleviate humanitarian crisis in Africa. That's according to Chief of CERF, Lisa Doughten, who said after the recent annual pledging conference for 2018 at UN Headquarters that a total of $383 million had been registered for next year. With funding this year likely to be the highest since CERF's inception in 2006, she said next year's total was especially important since global needs have "skyrocketed". A total of $22.5 billion is required overall to support 92 million people in need across the world. Ms Doughten told Maoqi Li that donors across the world deserved a "big thank you" for their "strong support and confidence in the fund".

Somalia conference gives hope for secure future

Somalia's leaders are committed to ensuring a safe and sustainable future for the country's people, but no-one should be under any illusion that this may take a long time. That's according to Michael Keating, who's head of the UN Mission UNSOM. He was speaking from the capital Mogadishu, during a major security and humanitarian conference earlier this month. Amid plans to draw down troops from the African Union Mission (AMISOM) stationed in Somalia and boost Somali forces, Mr Keating told Daniel Johnson how political leaders have shown their willingness to continue military reforms.

UN Volunteer from Kenya shares lessons learned

serving the world

Volunteering with the UN has taught one Kenyan lawyer the value of interacting with people from around the world: something that she says "opens your mind" and allows you to grow personally and professionally. Ann Kamunya is currently serving with the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, in Turkey, where she interviews asylum-seekers. Ann trained as a lawyer and is an advocate for Kenya's high court, but has had a passion for volunteering since her university days. Maoqi Li spoke with the UN Volunteer (UNV) at a recent forum in Antalya looking at how countries in the southern hemisphere can support each other.

Source: United Nations Radio

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