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US Deports Sudanese Man Convicted in New York City Bombing Plot

A Sudanese man convicted of a 1993 terror plot against several buildings in the U.S., including the United Nations, was deported this week after serving out a more than 20 year prison sentence.Amir Abdelghani, 59, was removed from the United

South African Sisters Shine in Diamond Business Dominated by Men

BEDFORDVIEW, SOUTH AFRICA � Mosibudi Jo Mathole and Khomotso Ramodipa are rare gems in the male-dominated diamond industry. The South African sisters run one of the few women-owned diamond polishing businesses in the world. And, despite the slumping gl...

Psychological Care Lacking in Cameroon’s Separatist Conflict

BABUNGO, CAMEROON - Cameroon's three-year separatist conflict has left close to 3,000 people dead and growing numbers in need of psychological care. An influx of people impacted by the conflict are flooding into trauma centers across the English-speak...

Dye Artisans Keep Ancestors’ Traditions Alive

Dodging waves at low tide, a barefooted, shirtless Mixtec man is carefully walking along the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. He navigates his way through the gray rocks on a quest to catch a particular kind of snail, Purpura pansa.

Mozambique’s Gas Projects Enter Implementation Phase

With a second FID in just 2 years, Mozambique has officially positioned itself as a key player in the global gas and LNG market for years to come. The latest FID on the US$20 billion Mozambique LNG project, makes it

Africa’s New White Meat: Rabbit

JOHANNESBURG - Rabbit meat is a slowly growing part of Africa's diet, with a burgeoning industry in South Africa and Nigeria, and a group of hardcore rabbit farmers promoting the meat as cheap, healthy and environmentally friendly. But will it