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Civilians Bear Brunt of Terror as Kenya’s Operation Against Al-Shabab Continues in Forest

KIANGWE, KENYA - Kenya launched an operation to flush out al-Shabab terrorists from the northeast Boni Forest on the border with Somalia in 2015. The operation was meant to last a few months but � nearly five years later �

Ministers seek to Reinforce Drive to Cut Libya Arms Supplies

MUNICH, GERMANY - Foreign ministers and other top officials from about a dozen countries gathered Sunday in Germany to keep up the push for peace in Libya after countries with interests in its long-running civil war agreed to respect a

Algeria Marks One-year Anniversary of Anti-government Protests

PARIS - Algeria is marking the one-year anniversary this week of its massive popular uprising pretty much the way it started � with more street protests and a sense that demands for fundamental political change remain unmet. The political

Europe Mulls Forceful Presence in Conflict-torn Sahel

PARIS - The European Union is being urged to become more militarily involved in Africa's Sahel region amid a possible drawdown of U.S. troops and a fast-growing Islamist insurgency.Fallout from escalating unrest in the arid scrubland edging the Sahara ...

In Africa, US Sees Trainers as ‘Better Fit’ Than Combat Troops

WASHINGTON/BRUSSELS - The United States is trying to ease concerns about its decision to withdraw conventional troops from Africa and replace them with specialized military trainers.Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Thursday the move will leave roughly...

US Military Downgrades Efforts Against Extremists in Sahel

JOHANNESBURG - The U.S. military has switched from trying to degrade Islamic extremist groups in West Africa's sprawling Sahel region to merely trying to contain them as their deadly threat increases, a new U.S. government report says.The quarterly rep...