Assembly member takes stand against youth drug abuse in Adidome Central

Mr Gorgisberg Fiagbenu, the Assembly member of Adidome Central electoral area has advanced moves to fight against drug abuse among the youth in the enclave. 

Mr Fiagbenu raised the concerns about the alarming trend of young individuals, aged 14 to 25, dropping out of school and succumbing to the lure of substance abuse, particularly marijuana and other hard drugs in Adidome.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), the Assembly Member noted the Adidome market as a hotspot for such activities and pledged to collaborate with local security agencies to crack down on the menace.

Recognising the crucial role of parental guidance in shaping the trajectory of young lives, he emphasised the urgent need for enhanced parental control, and involvement in their children’s lives.

Mr Fiagbenu disclosed to the GNA that plans were underway to launch comprehensive sensitisation programs targeting both youth and parents.

‘These initiatives aim to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of drug abuse, while also high
lighting the proactive measures being implemented by security agencies to address the issue,’ he explained.

Mr Fiagbenu urged parents to support and guard their wards away from destructive behaviours and foster a culture of responsibility and accountability within the Adidome community.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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