Dog mauling victim’s father appeals for financial support

Mr Eugene Addo, father of the two-year old boy who was viciously attacked by a dog at Madina Warehouse in Accra, has appealed to the public for financial support to pay his son’s medical bills.

The two-year-old boy was attacked by a mixed shepherd breed dog, last week Monday midnight at Madina and tore part of his anus and the flesh around that area as well as the testicles, leaving the toddler in a critical condition.

A corrective surgery had been performed at the affected parts, but the stool had been diverted to the abdomen to allow for passage.

Mr Addo said he was told by one of the Doctors attending to the son that he would need at least GHC 20,000 to enable his son to undergo six additional corrective surgeries for the child’s survival.

He told the Ghana News Agency that he was also expected to make payment of GH 2,700 per week for three weeks for an electronic device, supporting the child’s treatment.

According to him, he is currently struggling to pay for medical bills and feeding, saying ‘as we
speak, I do not have anything on me to pay for the bills, as a young security man, my salary is only GHC 500 and myself, my wife and the child depended on that money for the whole month until the unfortunate incident happened.

Mr Addo said the owner of the dog and his wife had so far supported them with GHC 4,000 but had refused to continue with the financial support.

‘When we called my Boss, who is the owner of the dog, to inform him about subsequent payment, he told me that he would not be able to make further payment and that he had done his best,’ he stated.

He was saddened as the Doctor had confirmed to him that growing up, his son would not be able to grow a beard, pubic hair and other features as an adult and would not be able to bear children.

‘I am sad, it is unfortunate that my son must go through this situation. I could not help it when the news was broken to me,’ he stated.

He was aggrieved that though they had reported to the Police, there had not been any investigations yet and the dog was
still in the house.

He called on institutions, individuals and the public to support his family to pay for their son’s medical bills.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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