President João Lourenço authorises construction of 1,500 houses to resettle families

At least 1,500 social housing, including infrastructure and social facilities, will be built in the Ngolome neighbourhood, municipality of Icolo e Bengo, Luanda province.

The construction project of residences, subdivided into three lots, will attract a global amount in local currency “Kwanzas” equivalent to USD 75.7 million, according to the Presidential Order No. 178/23, of 19 July.

The first batch comprises the construction of 500 houses, a primary school, secondary school, kindergarten, nursery and police station and will cost in kwanzas equivalent to USD 18.106 million.

The second batch, which also includes the construction of another 500 social residences, a primary school, a kindergarten, a nursery and a health center, estimated at USD 17.869 million.

In the third and last lot, 500 social houses and the respective internal and external infrastructure will cost the equivalent in kwanzas to USD 40.733 million.

The Presidential Order also authorises a contract for the preparation of studies and projects and coordination of the contract, worth in kwanzas equivalent to USD 2.454 million.

Still the document authorises a contract for the supervision of the work, in an amount in kwanzas equivalent to USD 1.753 million.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)

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