October 7, 2022

China Paving ‘Health Silk Road’ in Africa

The Beijing-funded African Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is due to open in the next few months. The controversial project is just one example of China’s increasing investment in health care on the African continent since the pandemic as it builds what analysts and Beijing call a “Health Silk Road.” The reasons behind China’s investments in health care in Africa, according to experts, include the desire to increase its soft power as it vies with the West for influence on the continent, finding markets for its drugs and medical products and strengthening its position with international

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Stronger Regulation, Cross-Border Coordination Key to Stopping Terrorism across Africa Funded by Illegal Trafficking in Natural Resources, Speakers Tell Security Council

Crisis Due to Inaction, Not Lack of Tools, Says Speaker for Security Institute, Delegates Stress Natural Resources Shouldn’t Be Continent’s Curse, But Its Blessing A holistic approach, combining enhanced regulatory policies and law enforcement mechanisms, greater supply chain transparency, support for counter‑terrorism frameworks, as well as cross-border coordination and information-sharing, is required to clamp down on the illicit trafficking of natural resources and its fuelling of terrorism and violent extremism by armed groups and terrorists in African continent, speakers said during a debate on the issue, one of the signature events of Gabon’s presidency. Ghada Fathi Waly, Executive Director of

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Amid Global Crises, Multilateral Support Critical for Most Vulnerable States, Delegates Underline, as Second Committee Takes Up Macroeconomic Policy

The world is in the midst of multidimensional macroeconomic crises and urgently requires reform of the international financial system to ensure COVID‑19 recovery and sustainable development, United Nations experts and Member States warned today as the Second Committee (Economic and Financial) took up the issue. Shari Spiegel, Chief of the Policy Analysis and Development Branch in the Financing for Sustainable Development Office of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, presented three reports, beginning with the Secretary-General’s report on the follow-up and implementation of the texts resulting from the International Conferences on Financing for Development (document A/77/223).  She noted gross domestic product (GDP)

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THE ROAD TO COP: Deadly floods deepen food crisis in West and Central Africa amid climate crisis

This is the first of WFP’s weekly series on climate change, ahead of the COP 27 summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, from 6-18 November 2022. Saly Sane woke up in the middle of the night to find her house flooded and her belongings floating around her compound, as torrential rains pounded Tawuto, a neighborhood south of The Gambia’s capitol Banjul. “Every day, since heavy rains started in July, it is like this,” says Saly, one recent morning, as she desperately tries to scoop water out from her living room with a small bucket. “Everything is wet, everything is lost. It

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