October 16, 2022

Teens Tackle 21st-Century Challenges at Robotics Contest

For their first trip to a celebrated robotics contest for high school students from scores of countries, a team of Ukrainian teens had a problem. With shipments of goods to Ukraine uncertain, and Ukrainian customs officers careful about incoming merchandise, the group only received a base kit of gadgetry on the day they were set to leave for the event in Geneva. That set off a mad scramble to assemble their robot for the latest edition of the “First Global” contest, a three-day affair that opened Friday, in-person for the first time since the pandemic. Nearly all the 180-odd teams

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Three challenges for rural women amid a cost-of-living crisis

71 million people in the developing world have fallen into poverty in just three months as a direct consequence of global food and energy price surges. The impact on poverty rates is drastically faster than the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic. The current cost-of-living crisis is expected to hit women the hardest, with persistent pay inequality and undervalued work being the main reasons behind the increased financial load they have to shoulder. Women are also usually the primary caretakers for children and the elderly, and in times of crisis, they are disproportionately pushed out of employment and forced to stay

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World Food Day: African Development Bank marks key milestones in interventions to feed Africa

World Food Day 2022 falls on 16 October, with the theme “Leave No One Behind” To help mitigate the impacts of soaring food prices and grains, worsened by Russia’s war in Ukraine, the African Development Bank in May launched the African Emergency Food Production Facility to enable production of 38 million tonnes of food over the next two years.   The $1.5 billion facility stepped into action, with the Bank approving initial programs in 26 African countries at a value of $1.257 billion. The Bank Group’s African Emergency Food Production Plan will provide 20 million farmers across Africa with seed

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