December 10, 2022

Chinese Port Projects Along Africa’s Coasts Come with Environmental Costs, Study Finds

China has constructed numerous ports, bridges and other coastal projects throughout the developing world in recent years in what’s been dubbed by Beijing the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” – part of President Xi Jinping’s greater Belt and Road Initiative to build infrastructure. But while some projects help developing economies increase their capacity for trade, there are environmental downsides to China’s coastal infrastructure, according to an academic study published this week in the journal One Earth, with Africa among the most negatively affected regions and Caribbean Island nations also facing high risk to marine habitats. The study, by researchers from Boston University

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Strengthening Ties with China, Focus of Sino-Arab Summit

Saudi Arabia threw out the proverbial red carpet for Chinese President Xi Jinping for a series of summits that could have lasting repercussions for the United States and other Western nations. In addition, the Arab states that attended the final summit Friday are hoping to participate in Beijing’s Silk Road Initiative, linking Asia to Africa via the Arab world. Ultimately, the Silk Road Initiative will also tie into China’s Belt and Road Initiative linking China to Europe. Xi told Arab leaders Friday that the gathering had “worked to strengthen mutual efforts to confront the food, energy and climate crises and

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