Angola, Zambia share experiences in agricultural field

An Angolan delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry was recently in Zambia for a technical visit and to share experiences related to the agricultural sector.

The delegation, led by the general director of the Institute of Agrarian Development, Anita Esperança, met with the permanent secretary of Agriculture of Zambia, Green Mbozi, as well as with the heads of the National Seed Certification and Accreditation Services.

According to a press note, the Angolan delegation also visited the private sector responsible for supplying agricultural inputs to small producers throughout the value chain.

The Angolans also came into contact with the operation of the electronic financial platform system for accessing imputes.

The opportunity also served to visit the manual motor pump production unit (Money Maker), as well as the equipment supply market with new technologies adapted to the production conditions of family farmers and a wheat test field, with more than 30 varieties .

Bilateral relations between Angola and Zambia date back over 40 years, with the signing of the first economic, scientific and technical cooperation agreement in 1979.

Angola and Zambia signed six legal instruments in January 2023, as part of the strengthening of bilateral cooperation.

The countries signed legal agreements in the fields of the construction of sections of border connections Jimbe (Angola)/Mwinulunga/Mapelenga/Sikongo (Zambia)", routes that aim to facilitate the movement of people and goods from both countries

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)

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