Viettel reinforces commitment to increase network coverage in the far-flung areas of Mozambique

HANOI, Vietnam, Nov. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With ten years of work, Movitel, a brandname of Viettel Group is enabling better livelihoods in Mozambique. The brand, whose promise is to bring the mobile network to all people in Mozambique, now has proven its contribution by bringing 92% coverage, completing network construction of more than 400 communes across the country. It is then considered as “The African Miracle”.

Chimbonila, Niassa Province is considered the most sparsely populated area in Mozambique (14 people/km2). Covered by plains with an altitude of nearly 1,000 meters, this is also the area with the coldest and harshest climate in the country.

This village has only 20 poor households. They are almost isolated because the only communication channel is walking many kilometers to deliver messages. The desire to have telecommunication service is just a dream for the people here. But the miracle finally came when, 9 years ago, Movitel decided to set up a base station here. The lives of people have completely changed.

“Our profit here is when we see the smiles and happiness of people when they are able to use mobile services for the first time to connect and communicate with their loved ones. Even though they are in remote areas, they still deserve to enjoy the services and conveniences that telecommunications bring” said Dao Dong Phong, Head of Niassa Branch, Movitel.

A decade of perseverance in bringing a happy life to Mozambican has been recorded. The business associated with social responsibility, all for human happiness is the goal Movitel has since operating in Mozambique. Movitel has proven its contribution by bringing 92% coverage to Mozambique, completing network construction of more than 400 communes across the country. ” The Movitel Miracle” – was created from the love and gratitude of Vietnamese people to Africa.


About Viettel

Viettel Group has built a large 4G telecommunications infrastructure covering 97% of Vietnam’s population and has become a pioneer in forging a digital society in Vietnam. In addition to maintaining a sustainable business, Viettel has a strong sense of responsibility to the community via the organization’s core activities. Viettel focuses on education, community healthcare, programs for disadvantaged people in Vietnam and all countries that Viettel operates businesses.

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