HFFG forms alliance to advocate funds for immunization

Hope for Future Generations (HFFG) has formed an Alliance for Health and Immunization Financing network to advocate sustained financing for vaccines availability and immunization in all parts of the country.

The alliance, which was formed under the HFFG’s Financing Immunization Advocacy Response Project (FAIR), has persons form religious organisations, academia, queen mothers and Civil Society Organisations with a representative from the 16 regions.

The FAIR project seeks to advocate greater domestic resource mobilisation and increased accountability for results in reaching zero-dose children as well as increase immunisation coverage.

The Alliance is expected to support the FAIR project at all levels with information and evidence generation on immunization at the grassroot for implementation at the national level.

Madam Cecilia Lodonu-Senoo. Executive Director, Hope for Future Generations, said the Alliance would work together with HFFG to advocate improved immunization financing in the country.

She comm
ended the government for responding positively to its vaccine co-financing obligations and asked it to invest more funds in malaria vaccination and scale it up to all the regions.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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