December 18, 2022

Tipping Points to Turning Points – How Can Programmes and Policies Better Respond to the risks of Child Trafficking and Exploitation on the Central Mediterranean Route?

Every year, tens of thousands of children – many of them unaccompanied – attempt to make a hazardous journey from East Africa and the Horn of Africa to Europe along the Central Mediterranean Route, driven by factors such as conflict, climate crisis, persecution, economic hardship or shortage of opportunities in their home country. Children’s vulnerabilities and inadequate protection at high-risk points on the route such as border-crossings, leave them highly vulnerable to trafficking – which becomes increasingly likely as risk factors accumulate and compound on their journey.   Samuel Hall was commissioned by Save The Children to conduct research to

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United Nations Marks International Migrants Day

The United Nations Sunday marks International Migrants Day, to commemorate the contributions of hundreds of millions of migrants who have faced challenges to leave home for a better life. This year’s celebrations occur as increasing numbers of European countries close their doors to refugees and economic migrants from Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Africa. They are taking place as a growing number of migrants from Central America try to cross the southern U.S. border. The United Nations says people do not willingly leave home. It says most of the world’s 280 million international migrants have been forced to move by

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